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Jabbawockeez was posted on Tuesday, February 19th, 2008 but Groovy Grooves is updated daily with fresh new dancing, singing, and musician videos. The BEST way to find out when we update is to subscribe to our groovy RSS Feed and get all future articles delivered to your feed reader via RSS or Email. You can also join us on Twitter!

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On “America’s Best Dance Crew” they are hands down the best. It’s not even close, but if it were, then the “finale” was the last show I saw between the Jaberwakeez and Kaba Modern.

It is a real treat to see them straight up like this, without the “artistic” camera angles that ruin the great dance performance viewing on TV.

I would love to see these two crews, Jaberwakeez and Kaba Modern together in a theater in LA.


They’re so sick.


they are the best ever.
show some


The Roots :54


The jabbaz r off the chain n on the ground. I’m great but not jabbawockeez great!!!

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THE Jabbawockeez are beyond off the chain!! They are the most exciting dance group that i have seen in a long time. I Love them alot!

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