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Amazing Bass Guitarist was posted on Monday, May 19th, 2008 but Groovy Grooves is updated daily with fresh new dancing, singing, and musician videos. The BEST way to find out when we update is to subscribe to our groovy RSS Feed and get all future articles delivered to your feed reader via RSS or Email. You can also join us on Twitter!

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That was pretty great. Way too much talking at the beginning but once he started going, he was on fire!

Not as good as Flea. Everyone knows who Flea is right? Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. He is probably the worlds best bass guitarist.

Les Claypool is the greatest bassist. You clearly just say that because you like the red hot chili peppers even though you know flea’s bass skill is nowhere above average. Fail.

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you are both retarded. les claypool is good. but he is nothing compared to victor wooten. and flea is definitely above average.


YES, Finally the right answer. Victor Wooten is the world’s greatest Bass Player.


Victor Wooten is possibly the best slap/funk player, but I’ve seen other players that are just as good, but for different reasons.


Yes definately i was thinking the same thing victor wooten is like a god when it comes to playing bass


Vic Wooten = #1
Stu Hamm = #1.5


You know who the best bassist REALLY is?

The best is yet to come. Arguing about who’s the best bassist is like pissing yourself when drunk. There’s no point to it, and you’ll just get angry and feel stupid.


marco rodi may be the best. tied with vic.


Okay, Chris H, you win the award for best comment on a post ever! That was pure genius!


I dunno, I saw a pretty awesome comment at http://egyptiangumbo.com/abc-cookie-monster-87.htm

“arguing on the internet is like competing in the special olympics;

even if you win, youre still retarded”


it got this far without mention of stanley clarke?

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Geddy Lee is the greatest bass player ever!!


Rush is a great band but Geddy isn’t the world’s greatest bassist. He’s good, but he’s not the greatest. Neil Peart isn’t the world’s greatest drummer either.


Jaco is the greatest bass player ever.


sorry guys but I gotta say that Marcus Miller is the best out there right now.


You are cool. Go back to your MTV and pretend that its expanding your horizons.

You obviously have know idea of anybody in the music world.

Unless it was on TRL or something.

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hahaha good one! I don’t think I’ve ever watched MTV in my life actually…. Don’t really see how Les Claypool has anything to do with MTV in any way (especially considering popular “music” is predominantly rap). Again, you are undoubtedly defending your shitty Red Hot Chili Peppers who are actually probably played on MTV considering their popularity.

Before you make stupid comments (as if you’re capable of any other kind) please take your head out of your ass and consider your words first.


There you go again. You thing michael needs to get HIS head of his ass!?
I’m sorry lad, but before you start arguing about bassists you should probably read up first.
Yes, Les Claypool is good. But stop being that dumbass dickhead that thinks their opinion is better than anyone elses.

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Jon: Don’t think Micheal was even referring to your post. He pretty much said the same thing you did in response to the guy who brought up RHCP.


Flea??? Hardly. You need to familiarize yourself with Les Claypool and Primus you fool.

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Flea is above average, probably not the best, ive been playing bass self taught since december and i can play most RHCP songs, so certainly not the best

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he most certainly is not!

Victor Wooton
Jaco Pastorius
Geddy Lee
Pino Palladino
Jack Bruce

to name but a few………. all better than flea

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flea? The worlds best bass player? You must be a child. Try Victor Wooten or Jaquo

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Geddy lee, and Les clay pool are 10Xs the bass guitarist flea is sorry.

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flea wouldnt be fit to tune his bass. red hot chili peppers suck

a lame comment typical of american posters

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well jimmy hoppit you seem so above the “typical American posters” what is your level of expertise concerning the matter? Let’s just all agree that while flea is not the most technically skilled bassist he does have a certain flare of personality in his playing as well as a unique style. There are many things that you can defend each bassist with. I’m sure if you asked any professional bassist who the best bassist is they wouldn’t all have the same answer.

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what is my level of expertise concerning the matter?? are you really that pompous that i have to qualify a certain expertise to express an opinion:? but if you do need to know i have made a decent living out of being a session player for many recording artists such as your very own perowsky and preston reid. so now that i “qualified” my opinion for you, i have to ask, who the fuck are you?


Flea is not the best bass guitarist alive, are you kidding me? No one’s doubting he’s good, but Victor Wooten is far better than Flea, and I’m not certain Wooten is the best alive.

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You have obviously never heard of Jaco Pastorius. I mean, I liked Flea’s playing years ago, but the BEST bass player?

Do yourself a favor. Pick up Jaco’s debut solo album and listen to “Portrait Of Tracey”. Fretless bass jam with harmonic chords galore…just incredible.

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Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen, is another of The Great.

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How old are you Nicholas? Eleven? You might want to pick up a copy of “Discipline” – King Crimson…Ask your dad.

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Are you serious? Flea? Ever heard of Les Claypool? As in Les Claypool of Primus, did the intro for south park. He would destroy Flea All day every day.

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You’re ALL crazy…Tony Levin is the King of the Bottom Line!!

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Y es de barcelona Este video. Apoyemos a los musicos que hacen su arte en las calles.


he flipped me off a couple times but he just might have some talent.


That guy definitely has talent. I’m always impressed by bass guitar players who can throw down something almost as good as a lead guitarist can…

urghhh that may be one of the most horrible things ive ever heard said. Listen to yourself!! That far surpasses most “lead” guitarists skill. “almost” as good…


that guy is pro!!!!!!!!!11 i wish i could play like him


pretty amazing
Although it’s sad to see a talented individual like him playing on the streets.

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He should join Primus.

I hear Primus has a pretty ok bassist 😉

/end sarcasm

seriously though, this guy is amazing (not les claypool necessarily) but amazing none the less

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awesome……………….simple awesome!!


he is awesome. playing something like that on bass is very tough to do. bass strings are so much heavier than guitar strings. i would love to be able to play like that


The man can play.Great dude..


Nice, that guy is great, I could go for more of that!

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i’m not sure i would compare him with Les Claypool, Victor Wooten definitely! He could already be in Bela Fleck, but why oh why, is this cat playing on a street corner instead of a stage??

you make more money on the street corner….


Wow, amazing job. I almost gave up with so much talking at the beginning, but I’m glad I didn’t.


pretty good job!!


“audience of onlookers”? You can see from the reflection in the window that maybe one or two people stop to watch. Not much of an audience.

Yeah, I noticed that too. Deserves an audience though, doesn’t he?

Not to be a stickler or anything, but where is the definition that “audience” has to be hundreds or thousands of people? I think even if 2 people were watching him it would still be an audience of onlookers no?

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I think I may have seen this guy in Barcelona a while ago! Does anyone know where this was taken. Holey S***, if it is him, this has to be the weirdest thing that has happened to me ever. Although the guy I saw in Barcelona was easily as good as this guy if not the same.


Oh and for the record I wasn’t comparing him to Les Claypool I was saying Les Claypool was better than flea.

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Flea is just a good bassist in a band. Les and Victor are masters of their instruments. This guy is much more like Victor. Who is better between Victor and Les? I say that they are too different to be measured, but they are both freakin amazing.


I love watching guitarists who have moved across to the bass. His execution is very good, and he’s put a lot of effort in, but it would be interesting to watch him in a full band situation where that sort of flamboyance would be cool, but after a while an irritation as it floats across so many of the other band members pieces.

This is why Victor (and flea, and, and) does his cock-out solo pieces by himself. In most other cases he is either given room by the band to show off.

One would hope this is not all there is in his repertoire.


+1 for Vic Wooten over Les Claypool and +1 for both over Flea.

Flea is just cool and can also play bass.


Children, children, please… all bassists are good.

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not all bassists are good, but there are a few that are amazing, in fact only two come to mind, easily wooten and claypool… both whose bands became wisely a part of them, cocks out and all, they made a name for the bass as an instrument not a rhythm.

I don’t know a bassist from a drummer but I do like Les.


that was incredible. awesome and by the accents at the beginning the guys filming this are undoubtedly Venezuelan as is the guy playing. As far as the usual Victor Wooten Vs. Claypool Vs. Flea argument that is always necesitated by anything having to do with the bass. It’s impossible to single out any of them as the best bassist in the world especially considering that no one has even mentioned jazz legend Jaco Pastorius or Prog- Rock God Tony Levin. There are many great and amazing bassist out there it’s all just a matter of taste. no-one can deny the technical ability of any of the aformentioned bassists.


Greatest bassist? Jaco Pastorius.

No one can legitimately believe otherwise.


yea jaco is definately about as money as it gets. but whoever was hating on flea, comon. just cause someone disagrees with you don’t say something like flea is an underaverage bass player.. so many people trying to play devil’s advocate here. this guy is awesome. so is flea and les and wooten and jaco

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He can join my band, man.


Man, you guys are nuttin but hype! This stuff is nothing special, I could play bass guitar better with my ears!


that is sick (in a good way)
that is way out of my ligue of for bass guitarz
dat is way good
it does play exactly like Vic Wooten
(sry if i made spelling mistakes :3)


Vic Wooten, Stu Hamm, Buddha(Bill Dickens), O’Teil Burbridge,Stanley Jordan, Louis Johnson(one of the original founders of slap),Francis Rocco Prestia, Jaco Pastorius, all fall along the lines of this guy’s style.

His only thing is that his playing seems a little light. You know, like he’s not giving the strings a workout. He’s just kind of tapping and making a nice sound. Good ole’ american Slap/Funk needs some more STANK on it. He ain’t got no stank. Where yo stank at, man? Where yo stank?


Kind of reminds me of Stu Hamm (musically)


Geez, get in a band already, so we can buy ur cd.


Wooten owns. so does Jean Beaudin.

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Honestly, as someone who actually plays bass and knows something about all of these bassists playing styles, this guy beats out flea and claypool easily. I’ve been playing for three years, and all Chili peppers (even fleas live solo) and all primus (even claypools live solos) really arent anything but intermediate. Victor Wooten has a lot of song newer bassists who’ve studied slap can play, unless he starts double thumping, which is hella tiring unless you’ve been playing for awhile. Flea is an awesome bassist, and so is claypool, but this guy is incredible. If he put that line together himself I would put him up there with victor, marcus, and stanley.


I wish I could play bass even a little bit close to this…


Geddy Lee, imo.


Uhh, Bootsy Collins is the greatest.


if you like him check out Charlie Hunter. he plays an eight string guitar. (which means he plays bass guitar and regular guitar at the same time. he is amazing.)


Bass Guitarists Suck! /Flame Resistance On!!

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Mark King is a somokin player whom is very underated. Jeff Berlin and Tom Kennedy are ferocious. Of course without Jaco most of the before mentioned would have been drummers or guitar players.


Gene Simmons is the number 1 bassist!!!

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Flea sucks the big one compared to Les Claypool. Vic Wooten is pretty good, I’m not gonna lie, although I’m not very into his style, and Geddy Lee sucks an even bigger one than Flea, he’s a pretty good bass player, but is so unbelievably unoriginal it hurts. Someone was right though, there are definitely better than the ones that are mainstream. Not MTV necessarily, mainstream at all, there’s probably just some kid playing in his basement to pass the time who’s way better than all of these chumps.


LES CLAYPOOL??? Where has he garnered all this respect for being an amazing bassist? I’m sorry but i have yet to see one video of him in which he can stand up the likes of wooten…. Please someone show me one? He is a good bassist no doubt but really…


Que bestial.

What a beast.


so is this guy in a band? he a fuckin shredder son, if not, plz join my band!

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Ryan Martinie (Mudvayne) is my personal favorite, but Victor Wooten is definitely the best.


75 comments and no mention of Rob Trujillo?

That’s because if you say the name of Metallica Band Members 3 times on the internet, they appear in your apartment and steal all the change out of your pockets. It’s best not to tempt fate…


The Rob Trujillo I know and love was the one from his old days in Infectious Grooves…


if wooten and claypool ever played together the world would explode


Claypool is very original, unique, and talented bassists but is probably the single most over-rated player on the planet. As a musician, he is amazing, as a bassist he is good, not the best.

Oh and one more thing, claypool rarely plays funk or slaps, he taps and strums his own style of grooves far more often, get it straight people!

And Fieldy sucks

And Flea is really good

And Victor Wooten is really really good

And this guy on the video is amazing


Will Thomas is the best bassist ever! He’s only 18.


blows my mind how f**kin retarded you punks are…lets maybe comment on the video at hand. just an idea… the guy’s got mad skills and should be respected for it


not different victor Wooten


You fools!

I’m the best bass player alive!!!!

I eat guys like claypool and wooten and poop out little fleas and gettys.


As a bass player myself, I think this guy is just not relevent. Being a bass player means you are part of the rhythm section. that means that you are not regarded as a solo performer. You have to be very close to the drummer. That’s your role. If you put this slap happy guy in a band, his playing would not be prominent, cause it’s all over the place. A good bass player thumps out a driving beat in precise timing with the drummer and leaves all the fancy stuff to the guitarist or keyboard or sax player.

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wrong.. being a bass player in a band means you’re part of a rhythm section, but being a bass player doesn’t mean you’re part of a rhythm section.. for example, just because this guy isn’t in a band, doesn’t mean he’s not an awesome bass player, and the reverse of that is that just because you play well with a drummer doesn’t mean you’re a great bassist..


no matter how good you are in music: chances are a billion to one that you’ll become a professional musician.

uh…no? FAMOUS professional musician, MAYBE, but even that’s exaggerated.


I saw that guy in Barcelona last year, he was pretty good actually.

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All I know is this white dude in Virginia Beach named Tommy Dawg he will be the next giant of bass players. He is a older dude but he is an unbelievable player.


Shades of Victor Wooten 🙂


i like this video! thank you for posting!


They all owe props to Jaco Pastorious. Go back in the record- nobody was doing any of the “Victor Wooten/Les Claypool” style of bass before Jaco invented it. While you’re at it, check out Stanley Clarke and the Motown guys. Old school is where it’s at…


I’m sure if you asked any professional bassist who the best bassist is they wouldn’t all have the same answer.




Anyone can tab this? 😛


Paul McCartney’s the best. Just throwin it out there. But that opinion stems from my hardcore, fanatical Beatle tendencies.


everyone is retarded. paul mccartney is the best bass player ever.


there’s always a faster gun out there; just haven’t heard him yet. i’ve seen stanley hold the stage by himself as well as any “lead” player…


Hate to ruin it but I think Emma Anzai is the best Bassist out there. She has even gotten recgonition from the “best” as being better. Lady can sure as hell rock out and look wonderful while doing it.

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Ever hear of Kim Stone with The Rippingtons? Or Sting?

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How about Stanley Clarke, or Bootsy Collins? And the greatest bass player EVER……..Jaco Pastorius? I’m 64 years old and remember these truly GREAT Bass Players.


I dissagree. Nick Martinie of Mudvayne is the best.


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