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Now that was cool. At 5 years old I wasn’t do anything even half as cool as that. Hopefully these kids will keep it up and constantly keep improving their skills.


Thing that i don’t understand is how did they find out they had a talent like that in the first place. i don’t let anyone touch my decks, let alone a 5 year old! 🙂


that was impressive I could not even tie my shoes at 5


Still have a hard time tying my shoes, I let Gary do it.


I have a hard time believing this especially when they look up and not at the record…. You have to look at the hash mark on the record to see when to slide your fingers. Most DJs who scratch records have a mark or two or three that they use to match of the sound, I have a feeling this is bogus. Watch the tape in the center of the vinyl, it doesnt make the proper revolutions to be truly mixed.

in regard to your post, first off, the sample they are actually scratching is just a white-noise sample that probably plays for an extended period of time, like 17 seconds or something. so they don’t need any hash marks for this type of scratch. notice how both decks sound the same, and both seem to have the same 12″ playing. most likely just your basic scratch loops vinyl. secondly there is just a loop in the background, simple 4 bars or even a measure of drums, with their scratching over top. the fader is simply acting as an on/off switch for their vinyl instead of an actual cross-fader. even if this wasn’t real, if you synchronize your left and right hands in the same motions they’re performing like this with the same audio setup, you’ll reproduce something very similar sounding. just the fact that they can have such a nice touch and synchronize their hands at a young age like this is pretty amazing. there’s no reason to believe it’s not real.


as an addendum to my post above… you see their left hands…. thats a fader , it fades from one deck to another, so if this is in fact real, what the hell are they fading from and too?


WOW!! that is just crazy!


shows you what a gimmick scratching is if a couple of little kids can do it as well as any DJ out there. good for the kids tho. they should go on and learn a real instrument. something with some expressive range (i.e. any instrument that doesn’t get boring after 30 seconds).

no kidding guy
scratching is for fakers and featazons
takes no talent

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