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Hangin’ in Amsterdam was posted on Friday, April 4th, 2008 but Groovy Grooves is updated daily with fresh new dancing, singing, and musician videos. The BEST way to find out when we update is to subscribe to our groovy RSS Feed and get all future articles delivered to your feed reader via RSS or Email. You can also join us on Twitter!

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Awesome. I love the Hang Drum. It has such a mellow tone to it, but you can really put together an amazing rhythm with it.


Nice job, you are seriously talented…


Beautiful, kind of lulls me into a waking sleep…


Wow awesome. Good job buddy.


there’s one in barcelona too


The music would sound even better if he washed his hair.


What does the state of ones hair have anything to do with the result or the passion of their music? fyi this is beautiful music!!!


Thats so obviously photoshopped..

you sir, are a fucking retard

Photoshop is for editing pictures. dear god your a moron.

my friend u r the one that is the ”moron”
if u search any threads about pictures u will see there is at lease one person that says its photoshopped
they are just messing around seeing who they can P!$$ off and it seems to hav work on u 🙂

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Those drums look like breasts.


Ponte a hacer de comer con esa cacerola en vez de pedir dinero, jajajajaja. está entrando en trance con esa mierda de música?


i think he is davide swarup. i seen him live at istanbul. cool guy..

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used to jam and play music with this fella in india. his name is indeed Davide Swarup.
Check out his myspace:

tM I took a little trip to your myspace too.
Verrry nice. I would have loved to hear you and Davide playing together.

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thank you very much… much appreciated…;-)
by the way…we’ll be most certainly jammin in India again…soon.
peace, xxx tM

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Freakin’ Grooooovy, baby!


To BoggyWoggy
His hair doesn’t look dirty anyway. just because he has dreads
does not mean he is dirty. They can be washed you know.


Great tunes, i like the music you’re generating from that WOK.. whatever it is, its nice!


His hair only looks dirty because of the dirt smudge tool used in photoshop.


Dude! I saw that! I went to Amsterdam this summer and saw that guy playing in the street. Well, i don’t know if it was the same dude but, it was the same instrument.

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who cares what he looks like or not the dude can jam thats all you need to know he feels that flow through him as you can clearly c by the video hes an amazing musician


This guy is really good. He is usally at a good spot by the train station. Where he is sitting (to the left) there is the 420. Go there, try the blueberries, then come back and listen.

feel free to tip generously as well.

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I could listen to this all day. The rhythem is beautiful, and put together so well. It takes me on a musical journey if that makes sense to anyone.

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wow!!! i want one, ive never seen one of those before, ah the joy of playing with that! you get some lush sounds out of it.


Tnx for this information and facts. It’s very much appreciated! Thanks again.

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