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Dude could almost pass for James

I think he looks more like Lars

Yeh, lars with different hair

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i think its the same hair but not lars


Wow! very impressive.


I wish I had the sheet music. This sounds good on a piano!

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There’s several places on line to get lyrics, but I don’t know about sheet music. Get your Google on if you’re serious.



With lots more practice,I wonder if I could play half as well




not impressive


This sort of thing would be OK as a sightreading exercise but comes nowhere close to concert repertoire, even in a modern genre. Not only was I unimpressed, but I felt I could have played it better. Don’t get me wrong; it was vaguely interesting but the guy was overplaying too much and destroying the timbre. Meh.

To your point on overplaying and destroying the timbre, there have been numerous String, and Piano tributes to Tool, and in most of them, theres just a constant overplaying that completely destroys the songs.
The piano tribute to Tool is a good example.. The bad songs sound nothing like the original versions, off time, stuttering, easily repeatable with the proper attitude, but butchered by “Ark” or whatever his name is.
And even on the good songs, the guy adds so much garbage just to stroke his own ego, running his hands down the keyboard at inapopriate times (everytime) ruining the tempo and timing on songs that even i could play given proper instruction.


Meh. I agree with Kevin above, good for practicing and such, but definitely not recital or concert-worthy. He did a good job for sure, but he’s definitely over-playing, real pianists don’t play like that 😛

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Metallica SUCK.
Scott D. Davis is pretty cool do.

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Yes metalica started sucking when they went all Bob rock many years ago. Whiskey in a jaro killed it for me. Larrs bangin on his rights to billions deadened the whole metalica era for me.I have all their cd’s. I’ll sell the later (Shitty) ones for cheap Show me Megadeath and I’ll show you a band that can rock for decades.

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METALLICA SUCKS!!!!!(my left nut)


Impressive for that fact, that I myself being a musician, can appreciate the effort that went into it. The Piano is one instrument that has always eluded me. Unoriginal? Yes. Over dramatic? Yes. And the Leather Pants were WAY over the top. But thats not saying the man isn’t talented. I’d have to give it 3 stars.

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Me not being a musician, it sounds great.


meh….mediocre at best…


This dude does really well playing this tune. He was really close to the original. Metallica does suck NOW but they where a rocking band at one time (the palm mute kings of metal). The people that said it would be good for a practice piece I hope that you play because that sounded good and it would take a bit of “practice” fro it to sound much better (not saying that it can’t be done). I play guitar and it’s not all that easy on that so I can’t imagine what it would be like on the piano.


Wow, even worse than the original!


Yah a little over the top for a solo piece, but you have to consider that he is playing the rhythm, lead, and the voice part all meshed into one instrument. All in all enjoyable. I like other covers of this song more.


At what major music store can i find this and others like it!!!!????? tell me

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Get a free audio recorder.


I gotta say that while this guy is talented for sure, but he kinda butchers this song for his own glory. There are several points in the song where he exaggerates pieces just for style and not because it adds anything to the song. In fact, I found it more detracted from the song. Metallica may be dying off as a band these days, but Nothing Else Matters will go down as one of their truly iconic contributions to the rock world. He should have just stuck with the song as is and played it out.

Don’t get my wrong though, you are kick ass on the piano, you just need a little discretion when it comes to re-working established pieces…

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Agreed with everyone. I play the piano too, i’m not sucha good one either, but i can play this piece exactly the same way as he. Which is to say, in a way that respects neither tempo, rythm, or stress.


this guy has talent, but he butchered this song…

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The prob w/ many musicians is they forget that they are playing for an audience. Audiences don’t care for all that technical mumbo-jumbo. We just want to be entertained. Playing for technical prowess is like masturbating. You’re just playing for yourself. That’s why I like pop music. It entertains and by the way it sells.


“plays a custom arrangement”
Enough said.


this is the best

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