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See my other comments, I can barely tie my shoes. Where did I go wrong?


WoW, this kid is incredible. If he’s this good at this age, the sky is the limit! Amazing…

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You gotta give him credit!


I show this video to my guitar class of 4th graders and they are amazed! Thanks for a wonderful performance, Doyle!

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Still like this video. Very inspirational.


Think the guy named this one wrong. Doyle Dykes is actually an older, and more popular fingerstyle player who covers the bob dylan song. This is just a kid covering him… Still amazing that he can play this though. Never had those picking skills at that age.


whoa! i wish i could play a guitar as good as you!hahahaha :))

I wish i could play at all =P But yhea this kid is beyond amazing.. Keep up the good woork !

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I believe this is an old video because Doyle Dykes is a grown man with a family of his own. I saw and heard him play at Calvary Chapel of Philadelphia. An incredible talent and a man who loves the LORD.


Okay. Doyle Dykes is a nearly 60-year-old finger style guitarist. He wrote this song, not Bob Dylan. This is not a cover of a cover, this is a cover of the original song, which Doyle Dykes wrote. This kid did a bang-up job on it, however, so not to take anything from his performance.

I know this is an old post, but I just wanted to get the facts straight for future viewers of this page.

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