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And Where could I find such a drum?

I read somewhere that they are difficult to get. You have to order one and it can take years to get one since they are all individually hand made…Probably expensive too!


Look on eBay – there are two Milltone hand drums that look like they could be the same genus, maybe different species. $225.
Yeah – Lovely


They were invented by these 2 guys in sweden. The only way to get one is you have to write them a letter asking for one, then you have to fly out to Sweden and pick it up there. While there, the two inventors will teach you how to play it. I saw one on ebay for like 3 grand.

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Well except that it’s Switzerland and not Sweden which no, is not the same. I don’t get how people can get us confused with sweden all the time. It was invented in Bern, Switzerland anyway…


Is that Dante Bucci? 8ttb?


its called a hang drum (pronounced hung). plural is hanghang.
its swedish.
it was crafted by two professors that handmake them.
there are only about 1000 in the world right now, and it costs about 2000-5000 dollars to order one.
they sound beautiful though, ive been lucky enough to play one
the design is so that the sound captures that of an udu, a steel drum, and tabla.

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