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Vicarious was posted on Thursday, January 17th, 2008 but Groovy Grooves is updated daily with fresh new dancing, singing, and musician videos. The BEST way to find out when we update is to subscribe to our groovy RSS Feed and get all future articles delivered to your feed reader via RSS or Email. You can also join us on Twitter!

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nice choice maynard is a god good job

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You’re seriously crazy. That was an amazing job of playing/singing Tool! Not many people can sing Tool, let alone play piano. You are the best one i’ve seen on here


I love this. Unlike a lot of string quartet tributes, the intricacies are not lost, and even in its stripped-down simplicity you can clearly distinguish the song. Great job! Tool is never easy to play.


Very cool. Awesome rendition and you have a great voice.


wow,amazingly played. im going to go wander over to your website now 😀


You should try out for American Idol!! You’ve got Talent!


I was enjoying it until he started singing.
Bad style of singing, great piano playing.
Probably would have been a better instrumental.

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