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Good job man. Better than Green Day does that song, basically because green day is a terrible band. You took their terrible song and made it good. That takes talent!

What is wrong with you. Green Day is awesome! This is a great cover as well, but don’t be hating on the Day!


I’m with Yayap, Green Day is Terrible. This guy doing a green day song though, hit it right on the money…


Every acoustic version of this song I hear sounds great. They are all better than the original, I 100% agree with yayap…


Your singing style is different than Green Day which is good. You should write your own stuff, it’s obvious that you have talent.

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okay just to clarify greendays old stuff is really good there new stuff is iffy

and anyways this guy did amazingly awesome on this cover


His voice with the acoustic makes this cover perfect. Great job man


youre wicked good.

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dude that waz really good but i heard a little pitchiness but for the most part u should greenday up

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