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Hot N Cold was posted on Monday, September 29th, 2008 but Groovy Grooves is updated daily with fresh new dancing, singing, and musician videos. The BEST way to find out when we update is to subscribe to our groovy RSS Feed and get all future articles delivered to your feed reader via RSS or Email. You can also join us on Twitter!

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Good vocals and guitar, you guys sound good together.


that was a very good song
you both have very sexy voices and was suited to that song for singing


Very Good, you both have pretty great voices and they work together well…


omg lets bang


very very nice!……


amazing cover.

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The chords sound like knocking on heavens door.

Anyone with me?


like meg and dia !


lovely and edible,yum.

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You both were very good. JK!(just kidding)You guys sucked!LOL try another song ladies!!!!! Oh and i think the girl in the green was better than the girl in the pink (GO GREEN GIRL!! BOO PINK GIRL:(


Not bad, not bad. But where’s the emotion? I didn’t feel it at all, it just seemed like yet another cover, from yet another pair of artists.
And believe me, it’s not because you can’t sing or anything. You definitely can – Just really unemotional.

Just my 5 cents.


This sounds really good. The main singer has a really nice sounding voice. This was a nice cover, I agree with the other poster about it lacking a bit of emotion, but they certainly have the voice. 5 Stars!


BRAVO,BRAVO,BRAVO!!! Splendid…5 stars! ilie of romanian


girl in the green-AMAZING!!:) girl in pink- practice a little more…

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I love your voice. Please tell me you two are from michigan 🙁 i want to jaammmmmm. Facebook add me “taylor gonyon” or youtube some of my vids 😛 Great job Girls.


BRAVO,BRAVO,BRAVO!!! Splendid…5 stars!


amazing voice!! the chords sound a lil like knocking on heavens door.


meh. good guitar. i’d rather listen to the original.

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