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Mortal Kombat A Capella was posted on Friday, July 6th, 2007 but Groovy Grooves is updated daily with fresh new dancing, singing, and musician videos. The BEST way to find out when we update is to subscribe to our groovy RSS Feed and get all future articles delivered to your feed reader via RSS or Email. You can also join us on Twitter!

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omg this is absolutely class well done guys i love it the fact the guys got involved

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ive always wanted to do this hahha


HAHA!! this is amazing, i dont know how i would react if a group of acapella singers surrounded me and started to sing 😀

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strange….very strange


lol would have been sweet if he yelled test your might when the guy was doing push ups.


LoL..This video is very strange.


This video is absolutely very funny.. LoL

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