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Very Good. I liked songs when they’re stripped right back to basics and this is a very good cover. The only small bit of advice I’d give is come away from the mic a bit as the vocals were a little muffled due to singing to close.


I love you!


That was really awesome. You just need some better equipment for recording, and you’ll be off the hook…


Has anyone tracked down a link to this person? The voice is fantastic and I actually like this better than the original and would pay for a copy.


come on now, you like it better than maynard? that’s just a bit absurd… i think this cover is very well done, and she has a great voice, but no match to maynard..


Beautiful voice….give credit where credit is due!!!


Yes where is this woman’s domain?


i hate those microphones that you practically have to eat o anyone could hear anything right. if she had better recording equipment this would be phenomenal. beautiful voice though.


Awesome Job! Great playing and great singing! I was wondering how you’d pull off Right in Two with just a piano but the arrangement you did worked very well.

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wow, loved it, this is one of my favorite songs and you covered it very well! you’ve got a pretty voice too, put alot of soul into it. Goodjob! 😀


no maynard not even close very good cover but to say its better than the orignal is a bit over the top

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