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I hope they got paid well. I’m sure they worked long and hard on that little skit.


Wow, those guys are really talented. I can’t even imagine what’s like trying to do something like that on a stage in front of a ton of people. Great work guys!


That was soo frickin awesome!!!


Wow that was aweful and everyone has been doing a Thriller cover. Let’s try something more original.

LOL, who is everyone? I thought it was pretty good for a group without actually music playing to back them up…


Wow, these guys were both funny and talented. Great performers!


Ok, it’s really not too bad untill about 1:16 when the lead guy just bombs. It’s pretty obvious that he’s bitten off more then he can chew. He’s out of his range.

shut up you idiot. These guys have more talent than you will ever have.

ummm…..mabey you should read the other posts from people that actaully agree with me. i even said it was not that bad, it’s just that the lead guy is out of his range. I have no problem saying he’s got more talent then me (and im willing to bet he’s got WAY more then you do) but he’s just not that great.

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Hey Ralph, Do you live in the same house as I do?

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You completely lost me on that one. Where does He-Man come into play with this?

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That’s easy.

The TV-Show “He-Man” was based verbatim on the life of Brigham Young.

And the school is Brigham Young University.

Pay your respects to the master of the universe.

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Haha, Hilarious. I had no idea. This site is both fun and educational 🙂

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Yeah, but I shouldn’t have said “verbatim” because they did get somethings wrong. Like He never actually said by the power of greyskull. He instead just yelled his own name. And lightning struck in the background. He didn’t change or anything, he just liked to do that before battle.


that really blew. I’d like to stick a fork in that lead singer prick’s eye


Yeah and cookie monster was based on ronald reagan


These guys are great. Awesome version of a Classic!


That was too damn funny. Those guys are definitely good performers, even if they main guy couldn’t sing Michael Jackson to save his life…


These guys are fucking terrible.

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You try organizing that.


cant see the video…flash is not working…what should i do?

You just need to go get the flash plugin. http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/


he isnt good at singing at all. lol WOW. and i could do the beat a LOT better.


There is only one way to prove it. Get out the camera and send it to Groovy Grooves so we can all pass judgement on your skillz!


I have had better harmonizing during a bowel movement. The only thing that would have made this video good is if someone jumped on stage and smacked each one of them.


This ROCKS! omg great!


Meh. The lead’s falsetto is kind of sad but the beatboxing is fabulous.


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This group has made it to semi-finals or finals almost every year they compete in the ICCA’s, so I would have to disagree with everyone on here who contends that they “suck.” I trust a panel of 5 judges with extensive knowledge in both musical theory and a cappella music to decide whats good and what isn’t. Also this is just one song in a set of three, so obviously this is the song they chose to showcase their choreo more than their vocal prowess.

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They may be trying to show off their choreography more than their vocal talent in this piece but as a person who has a degree in music; your music should ALWAYS come before choreography. as a show this is minorly entertaining and yes they did put some time into it however; this performance makes my ears bleed. My beginner students even know when a song isnt right for them and don’t embarrass themselves.

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Okay I have to say for personal reason that are mine alone I am usually one of the first people to make fun of BYU. But give me a break people this stuff is good. Yeah they made a few little mistakes here and there but they are only human after all. How many takes do you think it took to to the Thriller music video? Instead of insulting people that are out there, trying, and doing something with their lives maybe you should take a cue from them and get off your butts. It is because of flamers that people are too afraid to take risks in life. Get a life already.


I think this is the best a capella version of any pop song I’ve ever heard. Plus the movements were amazing. I give this group five stars!


these guys are awesome !!


Very well choreographed. the men showed a lot of practice to get this as smooth as they did.

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this is what happens when white guys try to sing this song and dance to it lol!

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I admit that the performance wasn’t perfect, but you have to give them props. It was highly entertaining.

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wow… never knew thriller could be done like this. ;p the pose (raising his leg) at the last part was hilarious! ;p great skills!


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